Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Game Time: Purdue takes on the Golden Gophers

Game Facts
Opponent: Minnesota (16-10)
Time: 8:30 PM
TV: Big Ten Network
Opponent Blog: The Daily Gopher

Purdue previous game against Minnesota, which resulted in a 79-60 Boilermaker win, was the last game before Purdue's 14 game winning streak came to a crashing stop. Purdue had a head of steam and beating Minnesota was nothing but business as usual.

It can be said that there is a familiar theme for tonight's rematch. While Purdue's 9game winning streak lacks the buzz of the previous streak, a win tonight would have much more meaningful implications.

As Purdue inches closer and closer to grabbing the Big Ten title, there is no reason to think that Purdue will overlook a team as potentially dangerous as Minnesota.

In BT play, the Golden Gophers lead the Big Ten in points per game, 3-pt FG %, assists per game, blocks per game and steals per game. Unfortunately the Man keeps them down by weighing that pesky statistic "Wins" a little more heavily than the rest...

Despite Purdue's Big Ten standing and #3 ranking and Minnesota co-captain Damian Johnson doesn't think at all Purdue merit's the recognition.

Johnson took it upon himself to single handedly assure that Purdue comes to play:
"They get pubbed up a lot and I just don't feel ... I feel like we're just as talented as them...In my opinion, they're a good team, but to me, they're not as talented as people believe."

Great strategy, Damian! I couldn't have done the job better myself!

The Boilermakers are smart enough to know that the best response is to keep their mouths shut and just win.


Josh in Ohio said...

Hopefully the boys are not looking past tonight at the MSU game. The Gophers are a good team and Tubby is a great coach. The Barn isn't an easy place to play. Just stay focused on the game being played and everything will be just fine. Boiler Up!

David in Texas said...

The Boilers have had difficulty defending the 3, so they'd better watch out for the Gophers. Now is no time to be looking ahead and letting a #1 seed and the Big Ten championship get away from them like happened in '07 by losing 2 of their last 4 conference games.

Hooba said...

Is the RSS feed for your site not working? I check using iGoogle and it's not updated since the Kelsey Barlow choke post.

Purdue Pete said...

Hooba, That's the first time I've heard of that being an issue. Is anyone else having problems with the RSS feed? Are you using the RSS link that is in the menu bar at the top of the page?

Hooba said...

I had been using the RSS button in the address bar (using Firefox). That address doesn't work any more:

I tried the RSS button you have in your menu bar and it works great:


a worried hummel fan said...

The commentators keep saying that Hummel hurt his ankle. It looked like his knee to me. Does anyone think they know what it is/ how it will affect him?

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